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My name is Cliff Ponte, a real-estate broker who specializes in representing HUD through it’s awarded asset management company.   I have been handling HUD owned properties since 2010.  I have worked with several different asset management companies in the 3P region:  Cityside, OFORI & Associates, Sage Acquisitions and BLB Resources.

I understand that the asset management company is only as good as the Local Listing Brokers on the field.   My experience with Buyer/Agent Outreach occurs on a monthly basis, professional marketing photos are taken for each HUD assignment, Initial InspectionReady to List and Ready to Close Inspections are completed and uploaded in P260 within 24 hours.  

Over the last 10 years, my team and I have been entrusted with the selling and marketing of homes through the asset management companies for the Department of Housing and Urban Development. 

My team and I will also work closely with the FSM ( Field Service Manager) to ensure property preservation is never an issue on any HUD property assigned to our office.

Finally, we are your eyes and ears in our coverage area. Each HUD assignment will be treated with the upmost professional representation.


Our commitment to has been and continues to be toward client satisfaction throughout the industry.    Rest assured we will be able to handle every HUD property assigned to us with pride and professionalism from Step 1 to Step 10.  In addition, being a leader in the community with Buyer and Agent outreach.   


Should we receive this contract our primary goal will be in promoting homeownership. It has always been our policy on all of our other REO properties to promote owner occupied homeownership. Owner occupants help to keep up neighborhood standards and promote stable neighborhoods.

Although we cannot dictate who bids on REO homes, we can for our marketing efforts strongly influence who the bidders are. Our goal in selling distressed properties is to find buyers in this order; first time homebuyers, owner occupants, and investors.

Much of our marketing efforts go out to reaching those individuals who believe that homeownership is not obtainable to them. This includes working with minority groups, religious org, non-profit org, community activist groups, as well as many others. It is our strongest goal to create new homeowners wherever possible.

Disaster Recovery

We have completed a course in Disaster Recovery and have a written Disaster Recovery plan that our staff has been trained on. Our Disaster Recovery plan is in two components covering both internal and external events. Contact Cliff at with questions and additional details.

Quality Control Plan It is our objective to insure all properties assigned to us are handled in an accurate and timely manner and performance of all tasks will exceed expectation.


We currently maintain and operate a diversified full service Real Estate brokerage office completely staffed with both administration personnel and retail sales agents. Within our office is a separate REO department with its own staff completely skilled in all aspects of REO disposition.

Field Staff

Our REO field staff is comprised of experienced licensed sales people and brokers with extensive knowledge of REO properties, including: construction, local codes, compliance, and valuation training. They are not only responsible for setting up the property correctly, but also for in-depth inspection and data compilation. So the most accurate values and details can be given when a BPO is completed.

Our field staff is also trained in property preservation to ensure that no further damage or problems arise at the property. Although field Services Company should be performing many of these tasks, errors do occur. i.e. water is left on, open wires, doors and windows unsecured, miscellanies debris/flyers on doorsteps, unlocked gates, unsecured pool, etc, etc.